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It has come to our attention here at Natural News that, just days before he had his entire media empire pulled from social media for no legitimate reason, Alex Jones and InfoWars was “trending” as the third most popular news app in the world, surpassing both CNN and Fox News in terms of popularity and viewership.

In a video clip from his show that was recently published to, Jones explains how Big Tech before actually removing him entirely from their various platforms had been trying to hide the fact that InfoWars is an incredibly popular independent news outlet.

“Google does not even list us,” Jones explains, showing how, despite being at the number one spot in the Google “Play” store, InfoWars doesn’t even show up to potential users who might have wanted to download the app.

“It does not show that the app exists … we are number one, but it doesn’t show you who’s number one,” Jones states.

“It won’t show you who won the football game. They won’t show you who won the wrestling match. They won’t show you who won the Indy 500. Oh, but then, if you actually go and click into it, it comes up. Isn’t that just special? How long until that’s gone, gone, gone?” he adds in jest.

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Globalists gone wild: mass censorship of free speech now being fully engaged

Much of the establishment hoo-ha surrounding Jones began as a result of not only his growing popularity, but also the growing political “red wave” that’s accompanied his rise to the top.

“The globalists are panicking because the Republicans were winning the special elections and primaries … they’re going into total meltdown mode, even though big, blue blood Republicans like the Koch brothers are backing the Democrats. Unbelievable,” Jones says.

Part of the leftist strategy to take down Jones involved falsely accusing him of being a “Nazi,” putting words into his mouth that he didn’t actually say, and generally lying about his purpose and mission in independent news.

The New York Times is there to murder truth,” Jones states about a hit piece that this anti-white, establishment fake news rag wrote about him. “The New York Times is truth’s assassin.”

“We are the number one trending app in news … guess where we are total out of thousands of news apps? We are number three total in the world, surpassing CNN and Fox News.”

CNN exposed for “desperately” lobbying Apple to ban its competition

To make matters worse, CNN was also exposed for interfering with free speech by trying to lobby Apple to remove InfoWars from its App store. Reports indicate that CNN “desperately” lobbied against Infowars‘ inclusion, a tactic of squelching the competition that ended up being a success.

“If that isn’t tortious interference, if that isn’t racketeering, if that isn’t a restaurant, if CNN was a restaurant, with feces on the ground, roaches everywhere, e-coli, salmonella food poisoning, and we’ve got this glistening restaurant with the most lavish chefs, great prices, parking lot overflowing, lines around the corner, and CNN is calling the fire marshal saying, ‘get over there, there’s too many people in there,’ CNN‘s running around the street with bullhorns, ‘there’s roaches in there the size of a chihuahua, there’s rats the size of a doberman, don’t eat there, you’ll get sick!'” Jones jokes.

“Meanwhile, their windows are all gross, everything is falling apart, nobody’s over there eating at their restaurant, and CNN‘s got a cigarette hanging out of their mouth, going, ‘you know what you do? When they close at midnight, you burn that joint down! We want InfoWars off the air now!'”

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