Facebook wages “online ethnic cleansing” of independent media to silence pro-America voices before the coming mid-term election

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Just as predicted, several hundred more independent news outlets have reportedly been removed from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook echo chamber over the weekend, including multiple pages that had several million followers.

“The Free Thought Project” (3.1 million fans), “The AntiMedia” (2.1 million fans), “Police the Police” (1.9 million fans), “Cop Black” (1.7 million fans), “Press for Truth” (350,000 fans), and “Punk Rock Libertarians” (125,000 fans) are among the most prominent alternative media pages that were pulled from Facebook without a valid reason.

When asked why the pages were removed, Facebook told the Los Angeles Times that each of the pages had violated the company’s “spam policies.”

“Today, we’re removing 559 Pages and 251 accounts that have consistently broken our rules against spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior,” reads a Facebook blog post about this obvious act of censorship being disguised as guidelines “enforcement.” “People will only share on Facebook if they feel safe and trust the connections they make here.”

Facebook’s own spam policy contradicts Facebook’s latest excuses for purging independent thought

So politically correct, isn’t it? But there’s just one problem: Facebook’s own spam policy doesn’t say any of this. In fact, there’s nothing in it to suggest that any of the independent news sites that Facebook purged from its platform ever did anything wrong, other than to contradict the leftist narrative embraced and perpetuated by Zuckerberg et al.

Facebook’s spam policy claims that the company only targets pages that spread “commercial spam” or that engage in “false advertising, fraud, and security breaches.” Again, none of the pages that were pulled over the weekend engaged in any such behavior.

Even The Washington Post agreed, at least at first. An article published by the fake new rag claimed that Facebook was compelled to remove the pages in question for “pushing political messages for profit” – which is completely ironic coming from the likes of The Washington Post.

After realizing that this excuse indicted themselves, the leftist lemmings over at The Washington Post quickly changed the headline to read “political spam” – whatever that means – instead of “political messages for profit.”

Like with InfoWars, Twitter purges exact same pages just minutes after Facebook completed its purge

Not long after Facebook completed its online book burning, Twitter reportedly did the exact same thing. As you may recall, it’s exactly what happened to Alex Jones and InfoWars a few weeks back, as the tech cabal simultaneously removed all of his content at pretty much the exact same time, using the exact same pathetic excuses.

“This signifies a re-consolidation of the media,” explained John Vibes from Sputnik News, which was also purged from Facebook, to The Free Thought Project. “Cable news media controlled the narrative for most of modern history, but the internet has lowered that barrier to entry and allowed the average person to become the media themselves.”

The changes that the internet brought to the world, mainly the flourishing of free speech, has caused the mainstream dinosaur media to basically become irrelevant. And it’s precisely for this reason that the fake news brigade, in collusion with Big Tech, has decided to silence all voices that oppose the official leftist narrative.

“Now it seems the platforms that have monopolized the industry are favoring mainstream sources and silencing alternative voice,” Vibes added. “So now, instead of allowing more people to have a voice, these platforms are creating an atmosphere where only powerful media organizations are welcome, just as we had on cable news.”

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