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Alex Jones from InfoWars has once again been targeted by the anti-free speech “deep state” for publishing news about how the government under Obama was planning to implement martial law in response to a major civil unrest scenario in Baltimore, Maryland.

During a recent episode of his show, available for viewing at, Jones revealed how YouTube pulled a video report on the scheme not long after InfoWars published a story detailing what was set to take place.

The story explained how documents posted to 4chan contained plans by George Soros and others to incite civil unrest in Baltimore, only to have a coordinated government response already in place to immediately implement martial law.

The documents appeared to have come from “Friends of Democracy,” a Soros-associated activist group that’s been trying for years to come up with some kind of trigger to precipitate martial law as a response.

“That’s why they want InfoWars shut down,” says Jones about why Big Tech and its deep state cronies have been going after him with a vengeance ever since. “This is a global, China, social score system of total control.”

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Fake news giant CNN behind mass censorship of Alex Jones

What the Soros document further revealed, and that Jones and his team brought to light, was a total lack of concern by the deep state about the repercussions of staging this type of false flag. In fact, the document instructed readers not to “worry” about “violent action” because plans were already made “to permit some aggressive activity.”

The goal was to incite “civil unrest that leads to deployment of martial law-like policies for BWI, creating a feedback loop,” the document added. In other words, violence was to be welcomed at the incident because that would have ensured the “civil unrest” response Soros et al. was hoping to bring about.

Screenshots of the Friends of Democracy documents that the mainstream media has tried to hide from the public are available at

Not long after these documents were published, Jones found himself being pulled left and right from all the major social media platforms, not to mention the abuse he received from the likes of CNN and other fake news outlets that used the opportunity to lie about him and trash his reputation.

“Not only is CNN a propped up, failed, anti-free speech, anti-American engine of lies that murders the truth, they’re now out murdering free speech and murdering other people’s ideas, and engaged in classic racketeering like the brownshirts in Nazi Germany, working in concert to go around to private companies and have us de-platformed from basic services,” Jones says.

The good news is that the cat is already out of the bag. The public now has access to these documents, and anyone who’s interested and willing can see for themselves what the deep state had in mind for our country – and what it likely still has in mind if it’s somehow able to unseat the president and overthrow the republic.

Media censorship and relentless attacks against the Trump administration appear to be among the long game tactics of the deep state to try to implement full-scale globalism. But will it actually work?

“They’re now banning thousands of sites on Facebook and YouTube of scientists and others that criticize man-made global warming and point out that it’s a giant global carbon tax scam,” warns Jones. “They’re making their move, just like Europe banning criticizing radical Islam. It’s all happening.”

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